Liquid Oxygen Servicing Unit

Oxygen Servicing Unit

General Information:

The DK Liquid Oxygen Servicing Unit ( OSU ) is a portable liquid oxygen evaporation cart. It is completely self-contained and towable. The unit is equipped with a liquid oxygen dewar.

It will deliver oxygen gas at pressures up to 3200 psi from low pressure liquid source.

Also has the ability to dispense liquid oxygen.

Performance of the unit is unaffected by the weather.

The DK OSU is used for ground support of aircraft.

Virtually all your oxygen servicing needs are supplied by one DK Oxygen Servicing Unit ( OSU ).


On-board liquid source outlasts carts full of bottles.

Loading, hauling, and unloading are eliminated.

Both high and low pressure from one source.

Unaffected by temperature or weather.

Gaseous and liquid oxygen from one source

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