Nitrogen Generating System - High Capacity

Nitrogen Generating System- High Capacity

Continuous Operation


Low Maintenance

Low and High Pressure Models

Eletric or Diesel Driven

Adjustable Nitrogen Purity

Modular Construction


Injection Molding
Tire Filling
Product Transfer Applications
Oilwell Workovers
Gas Lifts
N2 Foam Stimulation
Drill Stem Testing Nitrogen Pads
Aerospace Applications

General Information

DK Aerospace & Industrial Nitrogen Generating Systems are completely self-contained units which provide 95% to 99.5% pure nitrogen gas, at pressures up to 10,000 psi, without requiring liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen is provided by separating it directly from a compressed air stream. The highly efficient membranes keep the size of the system down and minimize the power required by the feed air compressor. These Nitrogen Generation Systems are available with either diesel engine or electric motor drives, and can be packaged as mobile or stationary skidded units, or mounted on a cart, truck or trailer.

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